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24 Oct 2009
Co. Mayo
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Well it's some time since I posted anything on my thread so I'll make a start now while I can! First up, trains I have run up to now:-

02.02.21 (1).JPG

April 15th 2021  (5).JPG

And it all adds up to just four trains run this year!

But I haven't been totally idle as regards things for the railway - I've been sorting out timber for rebuilding the trestles. It isn't just decaying timbers that are a problem, it's the nails I used that are rusting away that are causing things to come loose or drop off. As I use a nail gun, I am now going to use Stainless Steel nails.

The new timber is from treated planks (nominal 4 x 1) that I cut down to make 3 x 1 palings for fencing. Obviously, the tanalith only penetrates so far so the saw cuts reveal untreated faces. These have now been treated;-

The first, square sectioned, timbers
April 10th 2021 (6).JPG

and the treatment process

These are some more offcuts. I group them together so painting on the treatment is quicker - just have to turn things over three times!

April 13th 2021 (5).JPG

and the treated wood enjoying the morning sunshine
April 13th 2021 (6).JPG

and, finally (for the moment) a view of the ragged fibres that ensued from ripping down sodden timber! Took some getting rid of I'll tell you!
April 13th 2021 (3).JPG

So, don't hold your breath, it could be some time before the rebuild starts!