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    rusty spike reacted Like to ntpntpntp's post in the thread Peco points.
    Way back in 2008 I converted some Peco G45 points to live frog, and wrote it up on here (I think!) Anyway, I've found my old notes and...
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    GAP replied to the thread A new railway is being formed.
    I have resurrected an old thread which describes what I have to work with so I will move all activity re my new layout to it...
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    john reacted Like to Bill Barnwell's post in the thread Mason Bogie kit bash.
    Further progress on the mason bogie, boiler painted using cab light green and missed with silver over spray and the fire box I added...
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    Anglian replied to the thread Fitting ML -S decoder into Schoema 2066.
    Thanks Jon. Will keep you up to date. Trevor
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    PhilP replied to the thread Peco points.
    Or is it the Fireman? :think:
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    PhilP replied to the thread 1200Z Problem ?.
    Sounds a little like you may have a bad connection to the track? - I suspect 'something' is causing a small DC voltage to be present...
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    Hekate replied to the thread Marklin Z Scale set 81520.
    Apologies, here they are. Thought it would be clearer on Google.
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    David1226 added the media item Pic of the Day 18.08.19 to David's Pic of the Day.
    A scene from the 16mm scale, 32mm gauge, exhibition layout, Timpdon, 22.3.2015
    Pic of the Day 18.08.19