As I mentioned earlier, I have nearly all LGB rolling stock in freight an passenger cars. I loved the quality and detail on the USA Trains GP7/9 that I had for some 15 years until I got the F7 from LGB. The difference in scale was quite noticeable so I sold the GP and added a B unit to the F7 A. All is compatible now.

There's nothing wrong with Aristo or USA Trains, however, so long as you are mostly invested in each system so that the scale differences are not all that noticeable.

I still have the Aristo Track Maintenance caboose, which is something like a 1:32 I guess. It's very small compared to the LGB Cabooses that I have, but it's a sentimental favorite and it's a great track cleaner. I'm sorry that the Aristo will no longer be made and they are drying up now, especially on eBay. This increases the prices for the rolling stock.

The thing that I liked about the Aristo 2 axle freight cars is that they are easily made into track cleaners with the addition of a weight and some dry wall sandpaper. I keep some of those aroiund and my tracks are always clean and ready to go.

Happy Railroading!
Greg Elmassian

Greg Elmassian

8 Mar 2014
San Diego
Actualy that "bobber" caboose is closer to 1:24, but it is a model of a caboose that is small in real life... whereas the LGB caboose is huge (I have one) and is a model of a large prototoype. From what I have seen it is about 1:26, as compared to my other cabeese... although the only scale cabooses in 1:29 are made by USAT pretty much, the "long" caboose from Aristo is 1:24, the first product REA/Aristo made, a scaled up copy of a Lionel O gauge model.

I agree, easy to put a cleaning pad on that 2 axle chassis, I also have a sweeper on one of those chassis.