HSB goes indoors



14 Apr 2017
Some progress in the last few days, the low relief buildings are just about complete (show window displays to make). You can see them in the photos below, they are not in their proper location, just propped up for the photographs. They form part of the backscene and will only be used if I exhibit the layout, but I’ve had to make them now as part of the scenery has to be built round them.


I also had a friend round yesterday and once I had cleared all the modelling materials off the tracks, we actually had a train running. It did reveal though that my 2-10-2T couldn’t get in one siding as the bunker hit a brick wall, not sure yet wheather to ban the big loco from that siding or remove part of the wall. I’ll have to try running all my stock to see if anything else has a problem.

I also had a bit of a scare when everything stopped working. This was eventually traced to a tin foil tray being put on a section of track shorting everything out. Once this had been removed, still nothing would run. I began to think that perhaps the short had destroyed my original MTS system. However, after 10 monutes or so it started working again. Phew.

There is unlikely to be any progress on the layout for several months now, I’ve been invited to take my OO layout to a big exhibition in June, so I need to use my modelling time to get it ready. I’ll still be logging into G scale central though.


23 Oct 2010
North Yorks
A clever use of the arch in the low relief backdrop.

I wonder if he MTS has a trip inside which resets after a while?