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Remember me saying I was going to get the radio control thingy for the tramway? well tooooooo damned expensive for what I need so Im going to split the entire system into 2 sections with one controler for each and make up some smaller copies of the real thing but with this inside: it says it handles 96 watts.... Ok I'll need 2 amps so thats ok....

Reversing would be via a DPDT rotary switch in the fake controller box and operated by a tramway reverser key.... have a look at this has the inside of a melbourne tram's drivers cabin and a picture of my front door bell...:
Heaps of prototypes around but I'll choose an old design to make. Probably wont have "notches" as such but I guess that would not be too hard to do inside the box....

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24 Oct 2009
Some of those photos look like Christchurch?? The Cathedral??


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24 Oct 2009
If you use a 4 pole 3 way wafer switch inside the reverser, then you get the centre off.
Its very hard to replicate the feel of notching up a tram controller, but a meccano wheel with a sprung roller arm will get close, or a pushbike sprocket even closer. I managed to pick up a large industrial rotary switch years ago and mated it to a metal handweel, but it still wasn't very notchy.
I acquired the controller off a 4VEP emu over 20 years ago with a view to something similar. Its only got 4 notches and weighs a ton. Maybe one day I'll get round to it.