Track Plan Feedback for a Berlin-based Balcony Bahn



27 Nov 2018
Happy Sunday, all!

My girlfriend and I recently moved into a new apartment. Since I moved to Germany, I started growing a (second) small collection of G-Scale mostly through the high availability through meaning there are good prices to be (however all r1 curves and points). The collection of trains have been traditionally kept in storage and periodically put around the lounge/kitchen for a few days at a time and tidied away again.

We're fortunately to have a very spacious balcony that we want to make the most of by putting the trains out permanently. I should note, this is a rental so we're limited from making major changes but we're likely to be here for the next 3 years at the least and my girlfriend is quite excited about doing the greenery / plants around it.

I've included a proposed track plan to get the collective feedback of this wonderful community.
Notes about the layout:
  • The station area is towards the middle of the layout (where the sidings exist.
  • I would likely hide the back tracks behind plants/shelves to make it feel like they "go somewhere"
  • I'm exclusively using R1 points and curves as that is what I have to hand and is suitable for the stock I will have for the foreseeable future.
  • My concern is that I haven't included enough sidings for shunting and operations.
  • I am aware that I don't have a connection between the two loops not sure if that bothers me or not
  • I'm currently analogue but may consider the switch to digital now there is a possibility of a layout.
  • The is viable with the track I have now - I also have x4 electric uncouplers, a few isolating track pieces
  • I kind of wanted to use the x crossing somehow
  • I've left space to add some buildings
  • I acknowledge the geometry isn't perfect but ‍♂ this is G-Scale so there is some give.
  • I haven't named the railway way.

Some general notes about the space:
  • The door you see in the background of the second and third photo is an emergency exit - although unlikely to be used we do need to keep it clear.
  • We are the only people with access to the space (save in an emergency)
  • There is power and lighting outside already.
  • We have a nice view of the terrace from the living area (fourth picture)
  • Space I'm planning to use is 5.1m x 2.8m
Would love peoples' thoughts, comments and suggestions.

Screenshot 2020-01-19 at 16.12.37.png

IMG_3393.jpeg IMG_2725.jpeg IMG_5144.jpeg IMG_3240.jpeg


Greg Elmassian

Greg Elmassian

8 Mar 2014
San Diego
connect the 2 loops, do it so you can transit no matter what direction you are travelling... you double the size of the layout.

yes, add a couple more spurs, one on the inner and another on the outer.

Have fun!


Neither idle nor a marvel
13 Jul 2015
Agree with Greg. I would also replace the left-right-left-right bend sequence at the top right of the inner loop. Maybe have a left hand point coming out of the bend. That would also make the inner loop passing loop a bit longer.