Revolution Train Engineer Switch/turnout/Points Control


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I recently became the owner of a Revolution 57001, the new(ish) 2.4 GHz one courtesy of Graham ( GAP GAP ), to control my points. I have looked at the various methods of point control on the forum, but already owning the motors I wished to continue with them, I had used the old TE previously and that had worked so with the offer of a Revolution I thought I would "give it a go". I ordered the "Switch Control" #57008B from Fine Scale Brass who had it shipped with his next order from the USA, I also ordered a Micro Receiver #57012S (but that will be another story).
After a failed linking (binding), too long between pressing the buttons probably, I had it linked, however it didn't work, my fault, forget to complete the Cab assignment (doh!). Linked and now working.
The unit is not in a case, it has one LED that blink when linking, and no on/off switch:


So I thought a "project box" with power in, power out LED, on/off switch and resettable fuse:


Neatly enclosed to prevent harm: