Review Of Playmobil 5258 Rc Freight Train Set



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5 Jun 2013
Tamworth, Staffs.
Before I set about making a dummy AA cell (I have swotted up on Utube) I can see how 5 cells will reduce the speed of the train but how will that control the sudden start and stop please?
I believe this controller has three 'speed steps'? - Rather than being fully proportional..
So it will give 1/3, 2/3, or full 'power' (voltage, presumably) to the system. These will be fixed-steps, proportional to the overall voltage supplied, so with one less cell, 'full-speed' will be lower, as will the other two steps.

And does it make any difference whereabouts the dummy cell is in the pack of 6 batteries please?
This should not make any difference, though convention would be to put it at one end, or the other, of the string of batteries.


Playmobil Trains.
You can put the dummy cell where ever you want too.

As the voltage is lower then with six batteries every step on the controller is slower.
This means that full speed, is also slower.
Therefore if you want to go full speed you will require all six rechargeable batteries in the battery holder


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25 Oct 2009
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I have been running mine today as I continued to complete my Slktalbahn Saga. Have to say mine with the switchable diode system runs fine. It is not however a Loco that you can just put on and let run. It needs to be driven with more power on curves and gradients. Less on straights.

I think that many of us have been spoilt by Track Powered Locomotives that over the years have morphed with better control ststems that will run up hill and down dale and round curves with nary a touch of the controller. This PM Loco is not like that at all!