1. -bbbb

    Scientific train using playmobil RC car system

    Here's a video of a scientific train with echo tender, eztec and playmobil bits, and playmobil RC car system. I tried to imitate the 4052 style of firebox. There's a little bit of before & after, as well as a demonstration of controlling two trains simultaneously on each axis of a playmobil RC...
  2. -bbbb

    playmobil 4100 passenger car sticker choices

    Because I'm not familiar enough with real German trains to know what's normal for them, I have some questions regarding sticker placement on coaches like this: 1.) Is it normal for passenger cars to have a 1 on one end and a 2 on the other, or is this playmobil's way of showing the available...
  3. -bbbb

    Using thermoplastic for broken and missing parts

    I have a playmobil 4110 gondola which was missing a door, and one hinge for that door was broken off and missing the broken bits: I heard about thermoplastics for mold making. So I bought some of this from Spain: "Oyumaru" is a cheaper japanese alternative thermoplastic which comes in...
  4. Time-for-a-Top-Up-2.jpg


    Time for a drink
  5. Time-for-a-Top-Up-1.jpg


    Time for a drink
  6. Playmobil-Time-1.jpg


    Playmobil out on a run
  7. 20190506-Siding-2.jpg


    Another view of the siding
  8. 20190506-Siding.jpg


    The sengin stable out to play
  9. 20190506-Over-the-tunnel.jpg


    The new ballasting on the tunnel, with water tower and wind mill
  10. Pic of the Day 12.09.18

    Pic of the Day 12.09.18

    A pair of reworked Playmobil diesels on the Three Counties layout at G-Rail, 14.5.2017
  11. Pic of the Day 18.06.18

    Pic of the Day 18.06.18

    Walt's Playmobil Collection layout at G-rail, Stafford,14.5.2017.
  12. -bbbb

    Playmobil parts

    Edit: I found the 4017/4019/4021 generator i was looking for. ALSO: I'm looking for a gold handle or 2 for a 4017/4019/4021 loco. I need the 'old gold' color which is a lighter shade of gold rather than the newer darker gold color. I would gladly trade new gold color handles or silver...
  13. Hutch

    My most important figures

    The most important figures are Vultures. Vultures by Hutch posted Mar 13, 2017 at 2:05 AM Modeled from my backyard... Yes, Playmobil struck again.
  14. Tony Hunter

    The NBB & The NBB Work Shop

    No.2 crosses the viaduct Moring all, Earlier yesterday, I mentioned about my friends G Scale Garden Railway, which has a temporary name of The NBB (I forget what it stands for, but I'll be creating a new logo & name for him by his request). His network is based in the era of Early 1950's...
  15. James Day

    Playmobil 4085 Lamp Housings

    This is part 30 29 5280 which is the black lamp housing from the Orange and Grey RC version of the classic Playmobil Diesel as sold in the 4085 set. Here are a pair fitted to the roof of one of my works locos. I bought a load a while ago, but have sadly run out now. If anyone has any to...
  16. James Day

    Playmobil Ideas?

    Dear All, As we now have a dedicated Playmobil section, I thought that I would like to share some ideas with members about some modifications I have made to some of my PM locos. I hope that others will share their own ideas. I am no modeller and frankly just enjoy operating my trains. My...
  17. idlemarvel

    Review Of Playmobil 5258 Rc Freight Train Set

    Playmobil trains run on 45mm gauge “G scale” track. Playmobil used to produce track powered locos similar to LGB Toy Trains but moved on to battery powered radio control. This set uses newer and different radio control technology (28GHz) and a new and different motor block to previous...
  18. Granitechops

    A locomotive for a small kid!

    Hi Bill welcombe to this forum edit, obviously missed it when you first posted in January quick tip when posting pics and you have attatched a pic to your post click where in your post where you want the pic to appear then click on...