Linking EPL switches.

Mike Bett

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14 Apr 2010
Fallbrook, California.
Thanks for the input guys.
They are EPL switches. The decoder is four switches, not a single.
I did try swapping the wires over, but got a short circuit. Will try again.
I liked the simple idea of swapping sides of the track with the switch, but if it does not work, not worth doing!
Will report progress, or none, later.
Hi Guys,

I have no idea why I got a short with my first try.
I have swapped over the wires on the slave point as Mark suggested and all is now working perfectly. Have wired a couple more linked pairs in the same way and all are doing just as I require.

If I may change the subject with a new question.
One of my 55025 Decoders has lost in transit, a few of the screws that tighten down the wire inputs.
Can anyone tell me the size of the screw I need to replace them.
I have found some online here in US that look right and have sizes M1*2 or M1*2.5 or M1*3 and so on, but they do not specify the actual size. I guess I can raid the programming pair to use but I will need more the two.

Thanks again for all the help


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5 Jun 2013
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It is easy to get a whisker of a multi-strand cable cause a short..

Breaking, and re-making, the connection possibly cured it?


korm kormsen

24 Oct 2009
A DC pulse, of which the time base can be adjusted by a CV setting. The pulse is either positive or negative according to the direction you set the point....
thank you.