LGB sumpter/uintah soundboard now in place in Bachmann Annie and it works for £30!


18 Oct 2020
East Yorkshire
As a further update, I have managed to get hold of a Unitah board from Ebay. It does look a little different to what I was expecting in that there is a 6x ribbon cable coming from the board over the usual 2. I have peeled the sticker off to reveal this is actually a board for a 20892 Sumpter valley - so not sure what has happened there!

Sadly, I am still experiencing issues with the chuff, so put that squarely as an issue with the type of hall sensor I am using in that it is very sporadic and needs to touch the sensor to work at all. May I ask if anyone can link to a specific sensor and magnet that will do the job of 4x chuffs per rev mounted on the tender axle or a link to the specific original LGB part - but I guess that will only give 2x chuffs and I feel it just sounds a little wrong!

Thanks in advance, and happy new year! board.jpg
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