How do you catalog your collection?



25 Oct 2009
Pennsylvania, USA
JMRI has a database, and it is integrated with the DCC programming features.

Yard Office is one some of my friends use.

I have also used Microsoft Access, I have a main database as well as linked tables on maintenance, things that need fixing, etc.


Having known you on this and other forums, I would expect nothing less.....:)


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25 Oct 2009
St.Neots Cambridgeshire UK
Many moons ago I used Bento Database to list my DVD’s, had the benefit that I had it on my iPad so that I could check and not buy duplicates. Then Apple made some upgrades to their software, Bento went out of fashion so it stopped working and I lost the 600 or so entries. Having been burnt by such an experience I stick with Spreadsheets, plus they are cheeper if you have them and anyone with Word has one of sorts. Yes it will not have all the bells and whistles but it does work. Pic below shows what I am now having to do to relist all my DVD’s, blue markers are the shelf that I have or am doing. Plus I cant take the list out with me on a searchable list on my iPhone! I had considered listing all my Trains on Bento, so glad that I did not.