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I must be missing something obvious, I apologize if I am being dense (thick for our friends in the UK), but as I stated in post 18, what does the MTS II do with the issues the original poster is having? I'm having trouble with components being mentioned that don't follow the OP's issue, in fact I think Post #16 also states the same thing.

Anyway for LGB-Phil, what is the recommendation?

Ahh, I read from front to back again, now I understand, you hijacked the thread with a question of your own, and I assumed you were working on LGB-Phil's issue... my mistake...

I'll just slink away.....
Hi Again Greg - My question on post #13 on this thread was directed at Philp, as a related issue about these older LGB MTS Systems. I see folks asking related questions and making related statements on threads on this large scale trains forum and those in the USA but didn't realize that, as you call it, I had "hijacked" the thread. My apologies if I broke the forum's rules, or your rule, trying to get some technical advice.
Greg Elmassian

Greg Elmassian

8 Mar 2014
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Was just trying to be sensitive to a newbie, who may be somewhat lost in all this, and personally I thought the addition of another separate question caused confusion, indeed it seems that at least 2 of us got confused.

Normally you would start another topic on the specific issue, but I'm not the police, though indeed I gave my opinion :) as can be expected in a public forum.


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28 Oct 2009
As per above CV49 to value 11. and it will work perfect been mentioned loads of times on this forum with the same issue.

credit to Muns

Indeed, you pointed me to this solution in August last year, and regarding exactly this loco. Worked a treat.