Eltham South Electric Tramway


30 Sep 2015
City of Eltham
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We don't really do anything so civilized as a track patrol here, an unscheduled stop or two on the first run of the day for stuff on the track is expected. Today it was the Ballarat tram.


After the empty cars run out from the depot the Ballarat tram waits for the first departure of the day.


The short un numbered tunnel between 1 and 2 had a bit of work done recently after it was noticed that the vertical clearance had become rather less than spec!


The hills near Currawong Loop are in deep shade for much of winter, but the sun is starting to come back now especially in the early morning.


Passing Grasslands Loop on the return trip. Hasn't been used for... a while, though we did check that the points still worked the other day!


Back at the old depot to stable between trips. This facility has (relatively) recently been superseded by a new much larger depot, but still serves a useful role as another place to park rollingstock that isn't the platform road.


This special test train also ran the other day, demonstrating it is feasible to run a six car passenger train on the tight curves and steep grades. With both motor cars coupled together like this it is getting close to the maximum current capacity of the sub station.