Combino Duo Tram


25 Oct 2009
Pennsylvania, USA
Interesting work. Way beyond my capabilities.


DOGS, Garden Railways, Steam Trains, Jive Dancing,
25 Oct 2009
St.Neots Cambridgeshire UK
Don't worry, I'm still enjoying it at the moment and it's helping to sharpen some skills that have started to dull since I changed jobs. I'll only start to charge when I start to loose patience with it :p

I'd thought the IP gearbox might be a good choice too. I had worried that maybe it wouldn't be butch enough but in reality it shouldn't have too much work to do. I think I can make a pretty good representation of it from the measurements on the website. Once the floor is in I'll have a go at trying to get it in there.
I have a couple of the IP chassis in 2 of my Steam Trams. I can manage a 2D drawing for you to scale if it helps. I use MacDraft PE on my iMac, I doubt the files would be compatible for you but at least they will be scale size.