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24 Oct 2009
Cleveleys, Blackpool
ok gents

With my job in Oct, Nov and Dec I have little free time so by the time January roles round the track and the railway need some attention to get things moving , but with the dark nights and bad weather it gets left until the end of Feb or the start of March each year before some serious track cleaning takes place ( this year it was yesterday and I'm back running until the end of Sept) . I have no intention of swapping to battery power but have always thought that during the winter months it would be nice to have something to just put out and run, but when I've looked into battery power in the past the cost has scared me off.

Enter the Piko loco, when announced at around £170 I thought that it was just what I wanted so I was the first to pick one up when Darren got them in at Top Slots. first impressions were ok, but it seemed very slow, the first set of batteries from Poundland lasted around 2 hrs , my re- chargeable batteries lasted slightly less. However the more I use it the running time and performance gets worse, a friend of mine gave me some expensive rechargeable batteries to try but they were no better , running time now with new batteries or fully charge ones is around 20 mins with performance showing signs of dropping after only 5 mins or so .

I've checked the skates to ensure that they aren't causing unneccessary drag but they are fine , to be honest it really doesn't clean the track at all so I will probably take the skates off but that will be next winter as to be honest I've lost total interest in the loco, maybe I just got a duff one . Piko are releasing the same loco but with radio control later this year and I believe they use AAA as well , but I don't think I will be getting one.

This is just how I have found mine, maybe I got a duff one but it certainly isn't what I had hoped for, I know Darren sold a lot of these loco's so it would be interesting to see how others have found it , I know he likes his , I've not been in his shop since Xmas so must nip in , especially as I have a gift voucher to spend
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5 Jun 2013
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Like you say:
It runs slow, and is not a great track-cleaner...

It sounds like something is binding, somewhere. - Mine runs longer than that, but we are talking the 'standard' motor, being run off 6 x AAA batteries!

Watch this space, for a 'Pimp my Clean Machine' thread.. ;):devil::devil::nod::nod:
Greg Elmassian

Greg Elmassian

8 Mar 2014
San Diego
steinman's is the 'standard' motor also, right?

It sounds like the motor is not up to par, perhaps excessive current being drawn, going from 120 minutes to 20 minutes is a drastic drop in performance, and you would expect the unit to have less moving friction as the "skates" wear.