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Insulation rail joiner for G-scale track
Tool Holder for Ender3 V2
3D printable LGB 'electric' uncoupler
A collection 3d print links
3D People files 2023-04-17
Files for a few more people
If you would like a physical model, you can buy them from me here.
LGB style Coupler 2023-04-16
LGB style Coupler
Link and Pin Coupler (LGB compatible)
Open Freight Car 2023-04-10
Open freight car 1:32 scale gauge 1
12 Ton Coal Wagon 2023-04-10
1/32 scale "12 ton coal wagon" for G scale (45mm) garden railways.
Pedestrian Bridge 2022-10-06
Found on STL finder
Watertower 2021-04-12
STL files of a water tower
Gcode , STL and STEP files
3D People 2021-01-08
I will add (and occasionally delete) people files in here.
44 Tonner Coupling Adapter musket the dog
Adapter to fit an LGB style coupling to a USA trains 44 tonner.