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28 Oct 2009
So I took the plunge and bought one. Delivery was excellent, arrived within three days here in Prague, via DPD and for only €4.90. Admittedly we do enjoy much lower freight costs from Germany than to and from the UK, but even so that is cheaper than, say Modell-Land.
The coach is priced at €179. That's slightly lower than the LGB versions of the same model, which now seem hard to find. Also, a local modeller told me that he had been disappointed by the colour of the LGB coaches, he felt they looked toy-like. Certainly I don't have that impression from the Zenner model the colour looks bang on to me, albeit the finish does look like satin-matt as commented in the review of the Zenner baggage car, and I can see a few signs that the finish may not be so robust. However there are lots of nice details, notably the interior curtains, and also the "metal" door-handle which you can just make out.
Out of the (Train/Newquida) box, it ran very freely on the metal wheels supplied. However they are the cheaper metal - on - plastic variant, so I have swapped them for Roll-Ez wheels, simply because a neighbour had kindly smuggled some back for me from the US and I have them available. More surprising perhaps is that the Newquida couplings have been retained, including the white spring, yet they seem to function perfectly too - so far.

Sooo...it's of course a lot of money, for those who have the capability to do their own job on a Newquida coach. But for perennial beginners like me, who nevertheless like to have an authentic train formation, and have the Baltic coast bug (on hols next week in Molli-land) it is going to bring a lot of pleasure. And for me there's another reason to consider a further purchase...

I had also ordered Zenner lighting for the coach, cheaper than Massoth. However there was a written note that they would be sent separately. So after a few days I rang to find out when they might arrive. The person who picked up the phone answered just "Zenner". I asked if he speaks English, yes, he does, and it quickly became apparent that Peter Zenner is a one-man-band. He's a retiree who had a water - meter business, and does this for fun. Similar to Mr Prehm, I think, but he has a far better grasp of the e-business side, and as for service, he immediately offered to send me another light strip since it looked like this one had gone astray. (It turned up next day, so I called him back to hopefully stop it, the lights are not his but come from another company). So personally I feel happy paying this money because its going to an individual modeller-craftsman who provides excellent service. And since I am flush, having shifted all the surplus stuff from the Norway collection i bought, I think I shall quickly add the second coach with different numbering, and the buffet car, so I will have a complete fleet.

If you look at his website, you see that he brands his coaches Zenner if he extensively details the conversion, but uses the Train brand for cheaper, less extensive conversions. If you hanker after models from your favourite German line, and that line isn't Harz, he may have something for you. Recommended!




A gentleman, a scholar, and a railway modeller....
26 Oct 2009
I've brought various parts from Peter Zenner over the years to repair or modify LGB wagons, and I've always found him to be very helpful.

I've noticed those coaches like the one you've brought, and it was good to see your positive report....


18 May 2018
Bromley, Kent
Agreed. Thanks very much for the review which is very helpful. Never bought anything from them but have wondered what the Newquida conversions were like. Now I know.
tac foley

tac foley

11 Apr 2017
Near Huntingdon, UK
This is a conversion on a Newquida coach, too. It cost me the price of the coach, a set of Accucraft couplings, and odds and sods from the scrap bin. Total, perhaps as much as £35.

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13 Jul 2015
Nice. I like the wooden slatted seats.