Working front lanterns and a light to see the gauge window on my Frank S

artfull dodger

12 Apr 2012
Kokomo, Indiana USA
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As I work evening shift when I am not on layoff due to the chip shortage hitting the USA automotive industry, most of my running after work is in the wee hours of the morning. So working lights is a must to run in the dark. I added a 4 LED light kit designed for a RC truck to my LGB/Aster Frank S. Frankie has RC already in him and when I did the install, I put the receiver in the left side tank, only the batteries are in the tender along with the gas tank(for now). The LEDs just plug into the receiver and as soon as I turn it on, they turn on. The fourth LED was mounted below the throttle shaft to cast light on the sight glass window so I can see it in the dark without having to use other means. If the heavy rain and storms hold off till after dusk, I might get a video and more pics later tonight. Forgive the messy work bench. FrankSlighting.jpg FrankScablighting.jpg