Use signal for switch indicator

Jeff N

19 Feb 2019
Castro Valley, CA
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I tried to use an LGB 51950 two light signal for a switch indicator. I ran a jumper from the switch motor(12010) to the signal motor (orange/white wire). I got power for the signal light from the track. I run massoth power supply and central station, massoth 4 channel switch decoder. The light on the signal stays green. I thought that when the switch was activated it would activate the signal and the light would change. The switch activates and the signal also activates. I used a magnet to test the signal and when I move a magnet close to the base of the signal the light changes to red. Initially I thought the reed switch was sticking or faulty so I replaced it. Same result, only the green is on. I also tried disconnecting the jumper orange/white wire from the switch and moved the signal reed switch by hand and the light does not change. So what am I missing? Is the signal defective or is it not possible to do what I am trying to do? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!