Use of GEM Mercontrol outdoor G scale



25 Dec 2019
Looking for a way to remote control switches - I have ruled out electric as too expensive for me, so my thoughts are turning to mechanical means. I know there is a lot of very useful guidance on home made systems, but I would rather spend my limited time in other areas so I am looking for a "ready-made" system - Gem Mercontrol is attractive at first sight although designed for HO scale but before I go for this has anyone any experience of this system in outdoor G scale? - I have searched the forum but relevant posts are 9 years old and don't answer this point. For anyone who is not familiar with this here is a link MerControl. Advice very much appreciated.


2 Jun 2020
Depends on how big your layout is as any mechanical means will lose the amount of movement you put in at one end over long distances. From my recollection Mercontrol used plastic tubes, if you are dead set against electric, then a number of people on here use pneumatic systems, not my area of expertise I’m afraid.


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25 Oct 2009
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The Gem stuff you are talking about uses steel wire in a brass tube, while it would work the points you would certainly need to make additional bars to make the throw longer and also ensure that you grease the wire as you put it out and regularly re-oil as the steel will want to rust outside. Rough sketch below to show how to increase throw. You will also need to ensure that the tube lines are secured at regular intervals. If you used the PTFE this is somewhat trickier to hold in place and can flex severely with a slightly sticky point or even bellcrank. In truth I would not think it suitable for outside use though someone will proove me wrong.
Another option would be Tenmile point levers and brass wire, this could be held in slips of tube every foot or so along the run to your point. All you need is shown on this link, somewhat more expensive than Merco but man enough for the job.



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27 Aug 2010
A GSS 3CAG member uses bike brake cables...the outer sheathing is available in long lengths from some proper bike shops..and the cable is from wilko...soldered to extend, or use choc block to do the same..also gives some easy adjustment. Home made levers. P clips to secure the sheath.
It has been written up and 'may' appear in the next GSS Journal