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Fat Contoller

24 May 2020
I have just purchased 2 x LGB50110 transformers. Does the LGB 50179 work with these or do I need to source the 50170 controller.

Also I do have 2 old 5007’s but assume the 50110 will be too powerful.



28 Jan 2010
So, are you asking whether the newest Marklin/LGB MTS DCC locos will work with older LGB MTS DCC systems? I'm not sure as I'm not very familiar with any MTS.
Also, I think the 50110 is only too powerful if the locomotive requires the higher current and the low amp controller either cuts out or cooks. Perhaps an inline fuse of some sort would be wise.
I hope my postulations are correct because just the serial numbers can get a bit batty when fishing for answers from those in the know.
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Phil S
11 Sep 2015
Ann Arbor, Michigan
I assume you meant LGB 51079 not 50179. The 51079 is a 5 amp analog controller. The LGB 50110 is a 5 amp transformer and is perfect as a power supply for a 51079.

The LGB 50170 is a 1 amp analog controller and should only be used with the 1 amp transformer it came with. It should not be powered with a 50110.

Your old 5007 2 amp analog controllers should not be powered by a 50110 either. The old 5006 or 50060 2 amp transformers should be used to supply the 5007s. Or, you could find a 19V, 40VA or even 45VA switched mode laptop power supply to go with the 5007s. That is if you want to keep using them. You can probably find laptop power supplies pretty cheap. (I have a pair of 5007s too! They are great controllers and I still use one myself on occasion.)
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