The Train Shot Forward...



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Okay, so, I think I know what's happening here, but I want to be sure in case I have to fix something internally.
Yesterday I turned on my Forney and turned on the transmitter. It took the Tx longer than usual to find the reciever but once it did the train shot forward on its own while the throttle was set to zero. I've also noticed the lights dim so I think its just a matter of the battery needing a charge, but I wanted to see if it could be anything else.

Thanks all.
Greg Elmassian

Greg Elmassian

8 Mar 2014
San Diego


Model Railroader, Farmer, Pastry Cook
I think I have to charge the battery first... which means I have to fix the wiring on the charger port. Then I'll give it a go.


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5 Jun 2013
Tamworth, Staffs.
This for the Deltang equipment, from myself (other suppliers are available):

I always advocate turning the Transmitter on first..
You should get a solid 'power-on' indication, and can check you have the correct loco selected ('Selecta' enabled transmitters only), and that the speed is set to zero.

Then turn the Receiver / loco on.
If you turn the Receiver on first, and then get distracted, you may exceed the 20-ish seconds 'from cold' and the Receiver go into Bind mode..
This is less of a problem with the Rx65c, as it will drop out of Bind, and search for a valid Transmitter.

The Rx102 (if 'autobind', which I supply now by default) will again go into Bind mode.. However, the Rx102, being a receiver of little brain, will stay in Bind mode until the power is cycled.


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25 Oct 2009
North Essex
From my time messing around with 27MHz RC forty-odd years ago, it was ALWAYS Tx on first, then Rx - and the opposite when switching off again. Anything else, and the servos would go loopy.....

Tony Walsham

Tony Walsham

Manufacturer of RCS Radio Control.
25 Oct 2009
Casino, NSW
I agree with you Phil.
Unless binding, Tx on first always. Then off last when switching off.

Unfortunately there has been a batch of TX2 core modules supplied this year that would link with any DSM2 Rx's, RX102-1(AB) Rx's included, without binding. So it didn't matter when the Rx & Tx were turned ON. Deltang are aware of the problem and are reloading the TX2 modules with corrected firmware.