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artfull dodger

artfull dodger

12 Apr 2012
Kokomo, Indiana
The last couple steamings of my new Pearse Earl, I noticed he was making quite an oily mess of the footplate. So, this morning, I took the cab and side tanks off for a general cleaning and troublshooting. All the steam lines were tight, but the O rings on the combination throttle/whistle valve were flat and hard. When my friend bought Earl second hand from ANG, he came with whatever spaces that Simon had on hand. So, I got out some spare O rings and took care of that leak. After some cleanup, I put the cab and side tanks back on. We can see on the inside of the cab roof where Earl was originally sold thru, GRS. I am awaiting a new RCS palm size controler and receiver to replace the old school stick radio. It is 2.4ghz, but I want a smaller hand held controller. More pics later today as my big package of W&L rolling stock was waiting for me when I got home from work last night. Mike the Aspie

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