*SOLD* Playmobil RC express three part with rechargeable battery pack and AA battery pack

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Buy now for 65.00 GBP - Expired


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24 Oct 2009
East Anglia
For Sale
Fully functioning three part (loco ends and central cargo carrier) Playmobil express.
Complete with transmitter, AA battery pack, rechargeable battery pack, charger .
In great condition.
I also have a heap of track for sale in another advert on the forum

Only the express set is for sale not the diesel freight loco and truck
Price £65.00 plus £13.00 postage

playmobil express set a.jpg

playmobil express set b.jpg

playmobil express set c.jpg

playmobil express set d.jpg

playmobil track.jpg


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Buy now for 65.00 GBP - Expired