Scratchbuilt SM32 Brake Cars


Indoors SM32 Live Steam modeling in the USA
31 Dec 2021
Colorado Springs, CO
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Here are 2 Brake Vans I built out of tongue depressors and popsicle sticks on LGB chassis.
The smaller one seater needs turning at the end of any out and back run and will be used on general freight trains, with access to turntables.
The larger 2 seater does not need to be turned, the brakeman just changes seats, needed on the Coal Branch with no turntable.
It's to be assigned to the daily coal train, so it has solid end walls to block the coal dust blowing off the 15mph trains ;)

The Grand View Light Railway runs a Passenger train, a General Freight train, a Coal train, and a newly added Agricultural Branch train,
so I'll need to build another brake van.

Brake 4.jpg Brake 3*.jpg Brake 2.jpg
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