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I know a few of you on here have RH locos, and you will know they come with unpainted engine plates, so I have three questions:
  • How do you paint them to ensure the wording is seen.
  • Do you protect the plates one painted.
  • what do you use to attach then to the loco with.
Though not part of the needed response, but have you had any failures and what caused them, many thanks.


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25 Oct 2009
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Painting plates is a tricky business particularly with 00 but the same rules apply. I assume you want to keep the brass external effect, if so you can slop in some thinned paint trying to keep it off the raised parts. Those Microbrushes (never available in my youth) will be very effective. When dry you can give a gentle rub on some fine wet and dry on a good flat surface. If you want the raised bits painted do as above then use a Microbrush or very fine brush tompick out the raised detail.

Sticking plates in place with Silocone is the best bet as you can remove later if required, no one wants a loco with your good ladies name on it no matter how affil-able she might be if the buyers lady has a different name!


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27 Oct 2009
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In theory - 'cos I haven't seen the plates, you should be able to lightly rub down the raised brass after painting the background.

For external use I would always finish with a spray of gloss varnish of some sort.

Just remember that if you're tempted to use a solvent based glue such as UHU or Bostik, it will eat the paint on the loco.

And for the record, none of my locos are named after ladies in my life ....................... Bertha, Yeti, Horatio :mask::mask::mask:
Rhos Helyg Loco Works

Rhos Helyg Loco Works

1) Apply paint.
2) Leave to dry for 5 minutes.
3) Wipe painted side on clean newspaper laid on a flat surface.
4) Leave to dry.
5) Remove paint from edges with fine wet/dry paper.

Fitting instructions at the bottom of this page: MDC name, number and works plates