Ron Conner totem not delivered

I have obtained totems from Ron Conner at model railway exhibitions is the past and have been very pleased with the results. As I was taken out a new Playmobil display at the end of October I decided to order one from his web site on September 27th it stated he would only take postal orders. Therefore on the way to the model railway club I obtained the postal orders and posted them to him.

While I was out my wife got a telephone call from him and asked for payment by card, so my wife paid him. Two days later he telephoned to say he had both payments and would send one back with the totem. It stated on the web site the totem would be sent in 10 days. After this I tried to email him and telephone him but got no replay

On December 17th I went on is web site and ordered another totem and in the notes asked where my totem was. I got a telephone call back from him saying he had lost the details of my order, but now he had them he would make the totem and post it and the money back to me.
I have since tried to contact him but have not had any replay from him.
Ron Conner address is Harts Boatyard Surbiton.
As anyone else had any trouble with this man?
Yes there was some fuss after Ally Pally last year. The general consensus was only deal with him at shows, if not done while you wait walk away. I had a few off him at shows and very pleased but after these issues I wouldn’t deal by post at all I’m afraid.


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25 Oct 2009
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I got one from him at a Show at Huntingdon a few years back, got him early on at the Show when he was not mown down with customers so that Andy and myself both got our Totems before we left the Show. I think we gave him a modest deposit each and paid the rest when we picked them up. We could see when they were done. He is as always very busy and stressed out at shows so perhaps this could explain his poor and unacceptable customer service. Out of interest my Totem was ‘Dunford Bridge’ Andy had Rush? something, may have been Rushworth or Rushden.

So if you can get to the Show on opening go straight to him and get your order in. You then should have a good service, oh and print the name of what you want up front as well. We did.