Resin casting coach sides



16 Jan 2020
Chester, Uk
Good day all,
Just wondering has anyone got experience with home casting coach sides with resin in silicone moulds?
Ive cast a few 1/24 items at home for lorry models but never had experience of larger pieces.
Having looked at the D&RGW Closed Vestibule coaches in 1/20.3 the only ones I can find are the Accucraft Brass ones which are way out of my budget at the moment...
Personally I love the closed vestibule vs Standard J&S so I think home built is going to be the only viable option for a rake of them.



UK/US/ROW steam narrow gauge railways 1:1
27 Oct 2009
Bucks/Oxon/Northants area
Have you looked at the plastic AMS J&S's. Could you not convert the ends and respray ? You could mould new ends alone the represent the San Juan type closed vestibule cars. Still not cheap but a lot more affordable.

The sides, alone, being large flat and shallow would be suitable for casting with an open mould. The roofs could end up using a lot of resin if they are not full moulds. If moulding in resin use a polyurethane not polyester type. Polyester will shrink over time, it never cures properly - big problem with larger pieces, even if you load the resin with plaster or finely crushed marble.

I have a pair of std AMS J&S passenger car spare sides to use as masters, and seats, that you could modify/incorporate ( as I have replaced a pair to make using the Rio Grange UK Pagosa combine kit). Max