Pola #925 Kleinbach Station Part 2



13 Feb 2019
Silver Springs, Nevada
Hi guys! It's been a while since I first shared my Pola Kleinbach station with you.
I have nearly finished the upgrades to it, and there is only one set of figures remaining to be added to it. The final pieces will Calvin P. with his crate,Woodland Scenics #2523 Woodland Scenics G-Scale #2523 Calvin P. & Crate (Hand Painted) 724771025238 | eBay .
That is set to arrive in the mail tomorrow, but I am going fishing in the high Sierras' tomorrow morning and will not return for 3 days.

I'm hoping that some of this smoke will clear away by then! It's pretty bad here!
The figure sitting on the loading platform( let's call him George), is not permanent to this freight station.
He will be a permanent part of the next building that will soon join my budding LS collection!

It is a Pola G1807 "Central City" passenger depot that I picked up on Ebay a couple of days ago for a good price. Pola LGB G Scale Central City Station 1807 | eBay

It is missing a couple of its' outside roof supports, but I'll either make replacements out of wood, or try casting them in resin, and then painting them to match each other.
The majority of the figures ,etc,were made by Woodland Scenics. The chest that the 2 workmen are sitting on was made by Bachmann.
I do not know who made the silver banded whiskey barrels, George, or the 2 seated figures.
Everything was bought on Ebay.
On a sad note, I obtained a Piko D&RGW "Pagosa Springs" Drover's CAboose on Ebay for $59.00(with shipping included). And ( once again ) , the idiots at the USPS lost it! I can't believe that they lost another one of my packages.
The seller refunded my money, but I really wanted that caboose!

What do you guys think?
Later! View attachment 271824 20200819_195344.jpg View attachment 271824 20200819_195410.jpg 20200819_195418.jpg 20200819_195453.jpg 20200819_195539.jpg 20200819_195555.jpg 20200819_195021.jpg 20200819_200357.jpg 20200819_195344.jpg 20200819_195410.jpg 20200819_195344.jpg 20200819_195410.jpg


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casey jones snr

casey jones snr

20 Apr 2010
Charnwood Forest Railway. Rothley. Leics.
Very nice indeed.