Pola #905 Kleinbach Station



13 Feb 2019
Silver Springs, Nevada
HI,guys! I finally purchased my first Large Scale building. It is a Pola #905 Kleinbach(freight) station.
I purchased it on Ebay a couple of weeks ago. It was used. It came with the original box,and is complete except for the accessories.
It does have the stickers for the signs ,but no plaques on which to mount them.
I have some thin sheet plastic here, so I can probably make them if they're not available on Ebay.

All station parts are present, although 2 of the gutters, 1 rain spout, and 1 door handle had to be glued back on.

Other than that, the building is in very good condition. It didn't come with the barrels, or any freight accessories.

Which is fine. I can buy my own later.
The cost of the building was $15.50 plus $58.52 shipping.
I know that the shipping probably sounds high, but this thing was fully assembled,and so it is big, and heavy. It needed a lot of protective packing materials to ship safely.

The box it arrived in is positively huge!
I also purchased a Piko goose neck house light to go over the office doorway. It is fairly close in appearance to the light shown on the original box.

It came with an incandescent bulb installed. I would have preferred an LED, but this is fine.
For now.
I've included several pics of the station, including a couple with my Bachmann On30 4-6-0 sitting in front of it. I thought that it looked kind of cool.
Anyway, I hope that you will all enjoy the photos.
That's all for now.