Pit crew wanted,I `m going racing!!!!!


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6 Jul 2013
Northampton UK
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Sitting up the garden was an old Chevrolet that had become weather beaten and some(a lot) of work needed to bring it back,after some consideration and a few weeks later I decided it was time for it to go racing as a stock car,completely stripped out and work started,the interior panels were sanded down including the carpet detail to give the sense of metal panels,the wheel arches cut out to take the wider tyres and to stop the sheet metal bending in to the tyres to prevent punctures,roll bar and side crash bars added and all the trim moldings from the exterior removed,a small fuel tank also installed,front and rear nerf bars,debris screen from an onion bag in the kitchen will keep the driver safe,front and rear lights covered in then of course various dents scratches and tyre rubbing marks on the body together with some dust and dirt weathering picked up from the dirt track,the hood and trunk are bolted down for safety so easily opened but the doors are welded shut so a climb in through the window for the driver to get in and out.I also knocked up a twin axle trailer to get us to the track and back,I have a couple of pick up trucks and will use one as a tow car when a tow bar fitted IMG_20210523_062222.jpg IMG_20210526_233402.jpg IMG_20210526_234457.jpg IMG_20210526_233457.jpg IMG_20210526_233435.jpg IMG_20210526_233655.jpg ,not sure where on the railroad they will end up but should add an interesting twist,,,,,,,,I wanna go racin`>:)>:)>:):clap:
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