Piko Digital 35010 Red Light Problem. Can’t reset



25 Oct 2009

I have a complete Piko Digital setup consisting of 35000 PSU, 35010 Central Station, 35011 Navigator and 35012 Radio Receiver.
I bought it all 15 months ago on EBay from someone who bought a Piko Digital Starter Set and only wanted to keeps the train and track.
So I have no warranty. I added the 35012 shortly afterwards.

Not having a permanent layout yet, I used it briefly for a few days last year, then took it to a show I did with a friend at Moors Valley Railway this July. It worked fine for around 6 hours a day for 2 days. Then at the end of the show the trains came to an abrupt halt and a solid red light was showing on the 35010. I am unable to perform a reset following the. 35010 instructions of holding the right hand button down for 10 seconds, releasing it for 2 seconds, and then holding it down for a further 10 seconds.

A friend who has a Massoth setup has checked out my PSU, Navigator and Receiver and they are all fine. The problem is with the 35010.
If you Power it up with no navigator connected the status light stays green and there is power to the track. As soon as I connect the Navigator either by cable or Wirelessly there is a brief flash of the orange data LED and the Status LED turns red. The manual states this indicates overheating. I have opened the 35010 but there are no fuses or adjustable pots etc.

I guess I need a repair. But just wondering if there are any reset tricks I might be missing? I have a memory of something similar happening when I first used it last year, but I somehow reset it.
Failing that, does anyone have any experience of getting these repaired out of warranty? E.g. Send it to Piko in Germany or return through Gaugemaster etc. Likely costs?

I am wondering if these units are known for reliability issues, and whether I should perhaps purchase a spare Central station or maybe an alternative? Never had an issue with my previous MTS 3 setup. There seems to be little information out there, I guess not that many users in the UK at least.

Many Thanks, Ashley


6 Jan 2010
Found this from an earlier thread - it may help you a bit:

Neil Robinson

Neil Robinson

24 Oct 2009
N W Leicestershire
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