P.T. Tubifo lumber co. pulpwood car

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Bill Barnwell

Bill Barnwell

30 Sep 2017
Ormond Beach, Fl
Being as I have the P.T. Tubifo engine and tender for my lumber company I thought I'd do a pulpwood car. Started with Kalamazoo flat car and added bulkheads with evergreen styrene. I had found some weeds on the side of the road during my work travels and initially picked some up for logs for the tender, they are called dog fennel they grow about 3 to 4 feet tall and have very straight stalks with fantail looking tops. After drying and removing the tops I cut them into irregular lengths about half the with of the railroad car. Started putting them on with a glue gun but that was too time consuming so I when to the stack and Elmer's wood glue deluded and dripped into the cracks. That worked great, couldn't see any glue and everything was solid and well it should be, but the car was so heavy from the glue the engine struggled up a 2% grade. So I took the load off and cut out the center out with a dremel to lighten the load. it's still about as heavy as the powered tender but works. When all the logs were dry I torched the ends to get rid of the glue strings and as a byproduct it gave a log like detail to the ends, fun but time consuming build, but a nice addition to my P.T. Tubifo lumber Co train. Now the train has 2 log cars, a pulpwood car, water tank car, small log car and wook caboose,Bill




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5 Jun 2013
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Those 'pulpwood logs' really look the business, Bill.. :clap::clap: