Oil Drums and a Cable Drum



5 Jun 2018
I'll let you all know the size of these when they show up.

As promised the photos of the 'slime' barrels.
They are indeed just a tad under 75mm which makes them larger than my original barrel. (Where the Heck did I get it from???)
However in order to redeem myself slightly, they do look like they would make rather good water / fuel tank s when laid on their sides atop a little flat wagon.
The large brown cask is also 75mm tall and originates from a general hobby supplies company intended as a load for those pot horses with wooden carts.
I've also included a couple of 'rubber' wooden casks from the Early Learning Centres 'Pirate' range. (I cut a cros in the bottoms and fill them full of shot for extra weight in my rail truck.
There's a LGB driver and Bachmann engineer in two of the photos for scale, plus a photo of one of the slime barrels in grey primer to show the detail,
drums n barrels (2).JPG
drums n barrels (3).JPG
drums n barrels (4).JPG
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Thanks for that, this does pretty well give a clue on the Size compared to an LGB Figure. Here is Tram Point Man (as I call him) with an LGB Barrel which give us a feel for just how big these are (when comparing the figure/barrell in my and your shots), pretty well the same as the Toxic Waste ones that are also 75mm High.

Perhaps the Containers for the Slime and the Waste are the made by same supplier? Who knows or even cares. If you want the Barrels without having to eat the Sweeties these look to be probably as cheep as you can get.

Mini Barrel O Slime | Party Delights

But then you have the problem of disposing of a load of Slime!