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Well its been a few years since I've posted here! I've been going on and off in the time since, the line now Hops across onto the grassed area and spirals down a continuous 1:30 to come back in underneath the viaduct from the original loops and around to the current terminus. Luckily enough Alexander (melbournesparks) was free and came over for a run to break in the new line. The yellow diesel is my first proper model of an Australian engine and im rather enamoured of it!


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5 Jun 2013
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Welcome back!

Tell us more about the yellow diesel.. Both model and prototype, please?
Thanks Phil,
3d printed body, buffer beams and doors on a modified Bachmann little big haulers chassis. Basically i just cut anything remotely steam engine like off with a dremel and epoxied my new pieces on. Loco is radio controlled with deltang equipment with 8 cells just squeezing in.

The real locomotives were built by Malcolm Moore engineering (in Melbourne Australia where i live) for the state electricity commission of Victoria for the construction of the Kiewa Dam. Upon completion 4 were sent to other civil engineering projects in NSW and QLD, one went to forestry work in WA (and survives to this day) one was retained for use at the SECV railway in Yallourn (the subject of my model) and the remainder were sent to Tasmania to be converted into the TGR U class. two were given the U class treatment but converted to Meter gauge and ended up in Thailand as part of the colombo plan.

One of the original locos before being rebuilt in Tasmania


G Scale, 7/8th's, Electronics
5 Jun 2013
Tamworth, Staffs.
Wow.. Thank you for the information. - Another manufacturer to add to the list.
Interesting arrangement of the drive from the lay-shaft. :think:
No worries, theyre rather more famous for the hundred or so 2ft gauge locomotives they supplied during the war to the Australian army using Ford truck parts of which a massive amount returned home and entered foresty/sugarcane/mining concerns settling down for extremely long lives. A large number have survived with the ida bay railway quickly coming to mind having an entire fleet of them!

(Photo taken from )


Some more photos I must confess none of these are recent apart from the photo of the dozer!

#3 has had a repaint! jury is still out as to whether it'll return back to yellow again but regardless it'll need some weathering (its since had a few more coats of green and is looking much improved!)

The Caterpillar D8H is an AMT model. It has a huge amount of parts in it and I was extremely impressed by how well designed it is. Everything functions like the real ones at work, even the functional equaliser bar!! This model will be a photographic prop and the load for a quite unusual Australian wagon, watch this space!
Melbourne Sparks came around for another visit recently... due to the forum the pics arent in order
the ESET's steeplecab and NEVR D3 take some time out in the mine interchange.

ESET's Big baldwin Crossing over bridge number 1 with a log train

The Steeplecab did run briefly before running out of power, D1 gives it a helping hand back up the hill.

Alexanders other baldwin running an empty "tea and sugar" back up the hill . The real tea and sugar was quite an interesting affair running 1692 kilometers each trip and delivering supplies to the little towns on the Nullarbor plain, in the desert between Kalgoolie and Port Augusta.

#14 winds its way through the rocks.

three baldwins!


Hope you all enjoy the little update!
You'll have to pardon me as the photos as wayyyy out of order! we've been very busy in the workshops over the Christmas break. I built my first and second set of points from scratch (finished 11:58 on new years eve) on a whim which allowed me to finish off the Mine triangle and add the interchange siding which has greatly improved operation again! Melbournesparks was free so a few friends came around to run. We had a total of 4 trains operating at once at one point which I think is fairly impressive for a single track point to point railway thats only around 15m long.


D1 Sits in the interchange sidings as A9 prepares to propel another load of empty hoppers back up the wye under the loader

#14 departs with the Evening mixed


the crew of D3 urges their W&W train along the high line as the light fades.

Running overhead powered stock on a line creates new and interesting challanges!

the site of the triangle, the leg closest to the camera with the lift out bridge sitting on it has been in place for a few months now but the rear leg was laid as the visitors were arriving! as can be expected there were some teething troubles but the 4in grinder sorted that out you can see the headshunt further up the driveway.

Homemade point MK2. I was worried about this one as being part of the mainline it really needs to be smooth and reliable luckily it is and preformed faultlessly.

Alexanders Baldwin and trailer depart, im really quite fond of this picture.

D1 and #14 depart the mine

D1 grinds up the grade with a short ore train, passing the new 3d printed signal box (from thingyverse by Badgerbreath)

D1 runs around its train

Hopefully ill update this in a more timely manner next time!
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