Newqida 2-6-2 steam loco. Looks new but don't run

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Formerly 'drClaes'
1 Nov 2018
Kingdom of Sweden
Hello from Claes in Sweden!

I looked after a LGB 2080 on Ebay, but they are very expensive, and became owner to a Newqida RC instead.
Reason was simply that I wanted a smaller loco, because my analogue LGB mallet steam 2085 D is a bit heavy to lift down from the bookshelf. I thought that the LGB 2080 looked less museal than all the other smaller LGB:s. But next spring I plan some layout in front of our cottage house on the countryside by the sea. I thought why not a RC G-scale with sound and a remote Control? Well, the loco looks new and seems not to have run at all. But an adapter for the charger was needed because our wallcontacts pins are different from the UK. A new battery was put in the remote Control and off we go I thought. :clap: I put the main contact to "on", placed on the water tank on the left side, but nothing happended. :sweating: I also pressed the buttons in the cab. The Ni-cd battery pack delivers power, I tested it by putting a cable to the red and black cables from the motor on the Circuit card (where all te cables seems to be in Place and correctly solded) and it worked and the unrealistic blueish lamps were working as well. The RC may not have power because the control led in the cab is not working. So how to proceed in the troubleshooting? Any suggesteons?
Neil Robinson

Neil Robinson

24 Oct 2009
N W Leicestershire
These Newqida locos don't have a very good reputation. It may be that yours is a brand new never used example.
For example this company Train radio battery steam locomotive, type 99 of the DR, G Scale garden railway
spends four to five hours working on each to improve reliability before they sell them!
If you bought it in good faith as fully working it may be worth trying to get your money refunded