New heavy duty 100 Watt 6 - 24 volt Low OFF ESC from RCS.

Tony Walsham

Manufacturer of RCS Radio Control.
25 Oct 2009
Casino, NSW
RCS now has available a new 100 Watt (5 amps at 20 volts) ESC.



They feature screw terminals and constant brightness forward and reverse lighting outputs.
These replace the no longer made original RCS OMEGA series.

The OMEGA-10 Low OFF control uses two channels for speed and direction.
Low OFF control is how most Live Steam locos are operated.
The direction is set by a reverser which also controls Inertia/Momentum. The loco speed is controlled by a 300º degree regulator knob.
Much finer control than with the 150º degree control a Centre OFF ESC has.
Three different operating modes can be set and they are programmable for performance features. High frequency silent PWM output.
The # OMEGA-10 can be used with any standard servo output receiver and requires two channels.
Available direct from RCS for A$ 69 (US$ 48) Post Free.
Go HERE for full information.
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