New engine shed at Farnham Common. Thorley Miniatures.


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28 Jan 2010
Very nicely painted. You did a great job. :nod:
The Thorley Miniatures kits are quite nice although my ruler noticed that the mold masters were made from stock 1:22 styrene brick sheet on the engine shed even though it is listed under 1:19 16mm scale. Call me a brick counter. Just sayin. :nerd: There is the 'Old Albert Lane Signal Box' which wasn't there the last time I looked, listed under G scale 1:22 which I find odd. Who runs UK 1:22? Would I find a signal box like that on European metre gauge? :think:
The differences in accurate scale are mostly an issue when it comes to things like door heights etc. Apart from the minor odd scale issues, they are very nice offerings that have a ton of character.

Thorley Miniatures
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