Massoth Navigator and Zimo decoder setting question


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28 Oct 2009
Columbia, IL USA
I recently bought the massoth dimax system to convert my G scale layout to DCC.
I had Zimo decoders fitted into my locos, which are all LGB
On looking at the decoder information on the Navigator, it shows a number of options for the Loco direction, namely single or double arrows left or right, also a option showing both a left and right arrow.
I cannot find any explanation of what these options mean in any documentation either for the Navigator or the decoder
Does anybody have any explanation please


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Are you talking about the Direction indicator on the "Decoder Programming/Loco Address" screen?

This screen will allow programming of several CVs that relate to the loco address and operating modes/direction.
It will program CV29 and CV1 (Short Address) or CV17/18 (Long Address).

CV29 will defines some settings including the number of speed steps, the addressing mode (long or short) and the direction that the loco will travel.

The Direction option has two settings....
-> -> (the loco will go forward when asked to go forward) or
-> <- (the loco will go backwards when asked to go forwards).

Hope this helps

Greg Elmassian

8 Mar 2014
San Diego
Sounds like he is seeing a different set of options, at least something more than just those 2.

Could the Navigator understand East and West? The Zimo system can be set for this, but I thought it was proprietary...