Märklin Digital Club Zoom Meeting


Phil S
11 Sep 2015
Ann Arbor, Michigan
The next Märklin Digital Club Zoom Meeting is Wed., Jan. 13 14:00-16:00 Eastern Standard Time (19:00-21:00 GMT). The meeting is on both Zoom and YouTube. It is primarily geared toward users of Märklin's CS3 and CS3+ central stations. The topic this mtg is advanced event programming.

Information on joining the Märklin Digital Club is here - Märklin USA - Digital Club It's free.

The previous meetings/webinars can be viewed on the Märklin YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH3xwtG73nOF6t_U6uXofiQ

I recommend watching if you are a current CS3 user or are considering the purchase of a CS3. Particularly the earlier meetings.

As an aside, I should mention that the CS3/CS3+ are limited to 5 amps in each booster zone. This may be a problem to some. In fact, I added a second 5 amp booster and divided my RR into two separate power zones to overcome the 5 amp limit. I was running my RR with a single booster and had three trains, two with smoke and lighted coaches when I bumped into the 5 amp limit. I've not had any problems since dividing up my power zones and adding the second booster. I run LGB single or two motor locos almost exclusively. If you plan to regularly double or triple head or your locos are power hogs this is probably not the system for you.

Greg Elmassian

8 Mar 2014
San Diego
Not to denigrate a popular brand, but making the top of the line DCC system limited to 5 amps is pretty nuts. NCE is 10 amps, Massoth is 12 amps, and Zimo up to 20 amps.

Sure, 5 amps is sort of ok for HO, but even that is limiting.