LGB Supplementary Switch connector


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22 Jan 2010
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Like many of you, I wish to indicate the route selected on my points by lineside signals. I've successfully installed a Massoth decoder which allows my hand controller to change point (switch) direction and I've purchased LGB 12070 supplementary Switch T2. The idea was to wire my signal into this. However it does not seem to have any power and certainly doesn't work . Can any one please instruct me how to wire it. Can a 12070 be used with a decoder? The 12070 connectors are v^vv^v.
Thank you Clive


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26 Oct 2009
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Something I intend to do in the future myself Clive.

You have to feed power into the common terminal of either of the 2 switches.

The outputs can then be wired to your red or green aspect of either a colour light or semaphore type signal.

I also intend to use one half of my T2 switch to cut power to the track if the point is set against it, rather like a crude AWS system....


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24 Oct 2009
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As Gizzy said - it needs outside power. It is just a switch (2 actually), it does not take power from the track (but you could take a feed from a rail if you want to.)


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24 Oct 2009
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You can either pick up power and return from the track, or, I use a seperate power supply. There are 6 terminals on the suplementary switch, terminals 2 and 5 are where you feed the power into the switch.
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8 Nov 2009
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If you have a two aspect signal it will have three wires. One will be the input and the other two will come, one from each of the two coloured lights. Feed the input (say +ve) from your source (can be the track). Feed the -ve to the central connector of one of the three on either side of the supplementary switch. Then connect each of the other wires from your signal to the connectors on either side of the central one. You may have to swap them round to get the appropriate light to fit with the point direction. The only thing to watch is that your source voltage is not greater than the bulb rating. If it is just insert a resistor of appropriate rating into either the +ve or -ve supply wire. There are lots of sites that will calculate what you need. Again doesn't matter if your source is AC/DC. You won't notice the difference with light bulbs.
You might want to go even futher sometime and install reed switches in the track and with a magnet underneath the engine you can get it to switch points and the signal lights as it travels.