LGB RhB G3/4s and EPL 1201 switch motor physical interference



Phil S
11 Sep 2015
Ann Arbor, Michigan
I was running a LGB 20273 "Rhätia" through my RR's new extension for the first time today when it came to a shuddering halt and derailed going through the turnout back onto the original line. The turnout is a LGB R5 that I motorized with one of the early original design EPL No. 1201 drives I had on hand. This is the first time I have tried to using a No. 1201 EPL drive since getting the Rhäthia. What happened is that the crosshead support on the loc smacked squarely into the side of the slider on top of the drive. The slider is used to manually throw the turnout if desired. See the first pic below. I assume there will be a problem with No. 1201 switch drives and "Heidi" locs too as it is basically the same as the Rhätia.

1201 interference - 1.jpg

The new switch was set for the other route the only previous time I had this loc running since installing the turnout. There was no interference in that situation which is why I had not run into this before - literally. I first cut the interfering part of the slider off. That worked but, unfortunately it left a small opening to the guts of the drive when the turnout was set for one of the routes. My ultimate solution was to get rid of the slider completely. It is easy to remove once the top of the drive is taken off. The slider is not necessary for the drive to operate. After putting the drive's top back on there was a hole remaining that needed to be covered. Next photo.

1201 interference - 1 _1_.jpg

I covered the hole with mastic type electrical tape from 3M as seen in the third pic below. You'll also notice that I've covered the holes that allow access to the two terminal screws in the drive with the same tape. A couple of weeks ago I observed that the terminal screws on some of my EPL switch drives were rusting from three years continuous exposure to the elements. I've since covered the terminal holes on all the RR's EPL drives.

1201 interference - 1 _2_.jpg


Neither idle nor a marvel
13 Jul 2015
PIKO point motors are deeper than LGB ones and caused a problem with a few of my locos like the cranks of whizzy cranks and the snowplough of 2091 based Austrian / German diesels.