LGB F7 /USAT F3 side by side pictures anyone?


5 Sep 2020
Oceanside, California
Hello, I am wondering if any one can post side by side pictures of LGB F7 A and an USA Trains F3 or F7 A unit. I cannot find either in my area to look at. LGB's is supposed to be 1:22.5 but some say it is really about 1:25-1:27 and USAT are 1;29. I can still buy two road names from USAT in 1:29 and the new LGB SF locos are just too darn expensive at 1600 for the A and 800 for the B, but I could maybe manage the wine train one. I am just worried how different in size they are and nobody ever publishes pictures so I am hoping somebody might so I can see how good or bad they will look together. For me, Garden railroading is about size so the bigger the better. Any help would be appreciated.

Greg Elmassian

8 Mar 2014
San Diego
Are you thinking of making the wine train? The LGB setup looks nothing like the real thing and the scale is off, visually, noticeably.

Get the USA Train stuff, and you can match the heavyweights or the streamliners that are available in 1:29.

Also consider what other trains you will buy, basically the LGB will match nothing in American outlines, although a few of their box cars are ok.

Think 1:29, Aristo, USA Trains for your diesels and steam.

Also, you won't be able to find scale length passenger cars in LGB, that may be a factor.