LGB Allegra 20225 Help!



20 Nov 2018
Eden Prairie, USA
I recently purchased a used LGB 20225 "shelf queen" from an estate sale. Its LGB 20225 and i believe its one of the first or second run of these units.

They sure are complicated machines. High-quality molding, but lots of oddities compared to my other LGB locomotives.

The set did not include the Destination stickers for the side of the unit, any advice on where to locate enough to outfit the set? I could also use a new box, like the one it came in because it was water damaged.

I dropped the set off at a local repair facility to sort out some electrical issues. One of three units does not light up. IT also has some paint skuffs.

Besides the sticky doors and hidden function switches, it's a gorgeous model. Hope I can bring it back up to great condition.

Any advice appreciated

Adam Auxier