LGB 55025 Switch Decoder CV settings


30 May 2011
Okehampton, Devon.
I think I must have a problem! So I tried that, well I think I did. The programming insert has tags attached to the wires to ensure you don't get them the wrong way around. The brown white says IN, on the 55025 and the green yellow says transformer.
One other thing, I did try it today, but when I was running trains and I tried to change the points the trains stopped!
I will try again tomorrow in the daylight and see what happens. On the handheld control when I select the points setting a 5 is displayed, I then enter the point value 1 then press < or > to get the point to change. The point don't change but the display 5 goes out and comes back on. Is that normal?


24 Oct 2009
Wilmslow, Cheshire
With your version (not LGBs) of instructions, together with my 55045 and 55025 I was able to quite simply program my switch decoder.

Brookwood Junction now has four working points/switches.

Thanks Mark, very much appreciated. :)