LGB 25872 Southern Livery Mikado

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8 May 2020
After much thought I’ve decided on thinning out my collection and I have decided to sell my LGB 25872 Mikado in Southern Livery.

The model is in fantastic condition with the original outer box sleeve (the top 2 pieces of polystyrene are missing!), which does have a small rip in the corner and some storage damage. The model is DCC ready with sound and in the rare southern livery.

I haven’t seen many or even any of this model available in this livery to buy for many many years. Last one I saw advertised was for the best part of £3000! However I am not expecting anything near that

It is a reluctant sale, so I won’t be giving it away, the sale isn’t a necessity but just lack of use and time to appreciate the model fully.

It is extremely delicate so I would recommend collection or local delivery (for a fee to cover fuel). However it can be shipped at your risk. Please enquire about shipping cost. Shipping will be at the buyers risk.

Price wise it is hard to say, as I did advertise on here recently and a very kind member did mention that I had over estimated my pricing on a model. Therefore I would like to invite offers of around the £1500 mark? I know it is a rare model from what I can see, as I said, I haven’t seen a southern one come
Up for a while. Some aristo southern livery heavyweights or streamliners could be available within a strong negotiation aswell. Any queries feel free to message me.

Thanks very much,

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25 Oct 2009
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Hi Grant, the pictures aren’t showing, make sure to insert the image on the post.


20 Sep 2011
Croydon, Surrey
Your pricing is still wide of the mark. These don't often sell for over £800 used and the Southern version normally is less popular, £600 being a more typical price.


28 Jan 2010
Eastern MA
THe good news with this model is the newer drive train is in it via the PDF I viewed. Motor does not have the cardin joint which was a weak point of original Mikados.
Buy now for 1000.00 GBP
You don't have the permission to purchase