LGB 23330 Maintenance of Way / Bahndienst Traktor with sound



Neither idle nor a marvel
13 Jul 2015
For sale, LGB 23330 MOW, used, complete and in good condition, with original box and instructions, in good condition. Small scratch on cab window, barely visible, but see picture 4.

This model has factory fitted LGB/Massoth MTS/MZS small loco decoder, directional lights, cab light and roof flashing lights, separately switchable under DCC, and LGB driver figure. Decoder configured to run in analogue DC mode. Also includes downloaded and printed exploded parts diagram. Includes the two oil drums (not pictured).

Good runner including at low speeds. Couplers work well with LGB track decouplers. Bought when I was considering trying out overhead catenary, but decided to stay with steam/diesel, hence the sale.

Also fitted with Massoth S sound decoder with small electric loco sounds (8132100) and 8 ohm speaker. Includes Massoth documentation.

Price £240 plus £10 UK P&P (Hermes tracked). Will consider selling without sound card / speaker.

2016-06-20 15.36.37.jpg 2016-06-20 15.37.22.jpg 2016-06-20 15.41.51.jpg 2017-07-08 18.53.50.jpg 2017-07-08 18.54.16.jpg 2017-07-08 18.56.07.jpg


24 Oct 2009
Love em!
Ive got three, the one flasher version, and 2 orange dual flasher.
One converted to blue leds onthe roof when the flasher board failed.

Odd critters and fun. With or without overhead.