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Lazy Grange Bay 3...a new start

Discussion in 'G Scale Pictures.' started by mike, 24 Feb 2011.

  1. Lovely job!
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  2. Thanks guys...tomato pura sauce tube..cut flattened and cleaned. Fiberglass pen takes the printed stuff off leaving it lead like.. also ran a loco while I was working on the signal box
  3. I think its done.. steps and lamp added and name bords done..
  4. After finishing the box.. maintanaces on a loco.. back motor block died last week..I suspect a broken wire given that it died so quickly...and
    Yes..easy fix ... 20170214_152525.20170214_153012.20170214_160341.20170214_160345.20170214_160551.
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  5. One of the other outstanding jobs to do is to add passengers
  6. Today I installed the signalbox.. prity stright forward..4 x 4inch screws 1 at each internal corner..
    Wired in the lighting to the closeSt 12volt ring main...
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  7. And in the dark...just like me
  8. That first shot...
    Can I see a lad pushing a bike up the left-hand side?
    Is that a loaf of Hovis he has??
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  9. 12 inches to the foot realism - blooming brilliant scenes (and no pun intended!).
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  10. It's landed... been a good lad for ages..
    Runs fine
    Paint finish is fantastic...
    No problems
    Paul at p+s hobbies set it up to massoth and renumbered it..
  11. Very nice with those coaches Mike.
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  12. You'll trip up Mike!

    (wait for it)...

    Running with your 'pants' down!
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  13. Makes it ..dosnt it...the finish is proper lgb....
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  14. This gives a whole new meaning to 'stealth purchase'.

    Buy 1 coach, slip in another, then help the missus spend her bingo winnings with the power car :devil::devil::devil::devil:

    We'll be coming round for lessons, Mike :mask::mask::mask:
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  15. I has returned....
    Oh woe is me! - There has been shoppain, and the list, it was l-o-n-g.
    (I think it was 'the boxes'..) :(:(:(
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  16. It's a good thing I'm into Corpets (no, don't remind me of my grey one) otherwise it would be :mad:
    Lovely, really lovely.
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  17. Nah. She is spending your new profits before you even get any. They are good at that.
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  18. Cracking new Bernina Mike !
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  19. i always have to smile, when i read the title of this thread.
    one of the most detailed layouts, i have ever seen (in pics) still called "a start"...
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  20. Thank you Korm..
    My all time favourite loco is/was A hornby class 29/21.. I know ...crap model.out of wack ect
    Looking at the lgb e10 loco it has spoked wheel sets..same as a class 22.. which is a very similar loco to the 21/29...OK..still here? Well ..after blagging a set of the latest E10 motor blocks (the uprated version.i.e they work).and after buying a book with nice pictures in it that I don't have to colour in...I thought I might hav3 a go...
    So 1st out how to use lgb rubber scale ruler.. the book drawing is in 4mm scale 00...and I'm in g scale
    Compromise compromise....
    The motor blocks are to long.
    It's not a narrow gauge loco
    It has to fit into lgbs and g scales loading gauge...and finally look something like it..
    So to start with.. a drawing... 20170219_151108.20170222_125627.20170222_133352.