KM1 Modellbau Finescale Gauge 1 Passenger Cars



26 Nov 2009
Does anyone have experience of the finescale Gauge 1 Passenger Cars made by the German firm KM1 Modellbau based in 89415 Lauingen, Germany.?

I would be very interested in any views / feedback - thank you in advance.


25 Oct 2009
Beautiful but expensive and frightening to use outdoors like all brass models. Tim at Arcadia deals with Km1 ( try him for feedback) although you can deal direct. Checkout Spur 1 freunde on you tube or the spur 1 website you will need google translate if you don't speak German. Good luck
tac foley

tac foley

11 Apr 2017
Near Huntingdon, UK
Are the vehicles you are looking for not made by any other manufacturer? I have a ten-car train of Maerklin 'ozeanblaus' for my Aster Br01. Five were bought from the loco Marklin dealer who used to operate from his house hard up against the back fence at a nearby USAF base and cost around £350 each, and the other five came from a G1 show and cost £60 each. I defy you to tell the difference....

KM1 models are nothing less than gorgeous, but even the basic old-style passenger coach is hitting up against the £700 mark, and are currently all sold out according to the website.